"Bradbourne Mill Farm" ~ Wilfred Ball (1904)

Tissington Ford Barn is one of the four unique homes at Bradbourne Mill. The four properties together were historically known as Bradbourne Mill Farm and is thought to be the oldest surviving water mill in Derbyshire. We have evidence of Bradbourne Mill Farm existing prior to 1452 and was passed to Sir Henry Bradbourne at this time. Unfortunately later down the family tree, an Elizabeth Bradbourne did not mother any children and thus the Mill was left to the famous Ferrer family thereafter.

The Mill's purpose was to produce grain and flour for the surrounding villages, with Tissington Ford Barn housing the hay, farm animals and machinery, adjacent to Bradbourne brook. Both Mill wheels remain and great efforts over the last century have been made to restore and start up the running of these wheels once again. We are pleased to announce they are in good working order and provide a beautiful aspect for visitors at Tissington Ford Barn to see.



Tissington Ford Barn has been lovingly restored into luxury accommodation where its history can still be admired through the exposed stone walls, wooden beams, and vaulted ceilings.   Nestled in the Derbyshire hills, Waterside Barn is perfect for a peaceful retreat within the Peak District.